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The Trishas "Dusty Shoes"

A week ago, on March 1st in Austin, Texas, it felt like someone cued Spring to arrive. There was a quickening of excitement, an whiff of ‘anything is possible’ on the breeze, the tantalizing realization that spring is coming. It feels like more people are out on the streets and in the clubs and restaurants. Music season is in! And next week is SXSW! The Music Fog Marathon is almost upon us! Tuesday night wound up inadvertently having a family kind of theme. Bukka Allen, son of Terry Allen, and Bukka's amazing wife, Sally Allen, came to play the School Night Sessions at Threadgill's. Wow what a show; deep, rich, and earthy, with orchestral overlays of violin from Richard Bowden, Brian Standefer on cello and Will Sexton on guitar, and Bukka on keyboards. I shot over to the Saxon Pub after that for an in-the-round set from Gary Nicholson and his son Luke, and Kevin Welch and his son Dustin. Gorgeous, heartfelt, savor the moment special.

Today we are bringing you a video from The Trishas; Savannah Welch, Kevin’s daughter, Kelley Mickwee, Liz Foster, and Jamie Wilson. Winter was a momentous season, as Savannah became a mom, and Kelley got married. The Trishas are ready to hit it the road again with tour dates just being announced. They will play KHYI Texas Music Revolution on Saturday. We bring you a tune we recorded last year during our Spring Music Fog Marathon at Threadgill’s. “Dusty Shoes,” with Trisha Keefer on fiddle (she got married too!) and John Ross Silva.

- Jessie Scott

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