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Amy Speace "Manila Street"

I am ever struck as I sit in the midst of marvelous music, at just how many talented creatures I encounter on an almost daily basis. Every single person that came to play my concert series this week at Threadgill’s, The School Night Sessions, was incredible. On Sunday night we had the fabulous harmony of Texas Renegade. Monday night was an in the round with Raina Rose, Will T. Massey, and Mack Fockler. All were wonderful, all were entities unto themselves. And Tuesday night brought Ali Holder and The Broken Hearted, and the mercurial John Evans. There is so much talent around, that it is an even bigger shame that radio doesn’t feature folks like this. There is something so soul satisfying about connecting with music that can move you.

I think that is why I am bummed that I didn’t get to go to Folk Alliance, besides seeing friends, of course. So much music, the communication raw and real and high touch. Amy Speace didn’t make it to Folk Alliance last week either. She was doing a tour in Colorado, including playing the Historic Boulder Theater with Judy Collins. Good thing that there are more dates coming with Miss Collins later in March. Two glorious songbirds; what a well matched evening’s entertainment. We bring you vintage Amy today, from our Americana Music Association sessions from the previous event year, September 2010, to be exact. As I recall, it was very early in the morning when Amy showed up, and drenched us in elegance and sorrow with a song of lost love, “Manila Street.”

- Jessie Scott

Manila Street - Land Like a Bird

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