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Dirty River Boys "Carnival Lights"

This has been a crazy week as Music Fog barrels down on the final touches preparing our live webcast for the Spring Music Fog Marathon in Austin, at Threadgill’s. There are deadlines to hit, tickets to book, lines to install, plus all the usual other stuff that crashes into one’s consciousness via email, text and phone. My wanderlust is getting to me, though. Instead of being nose to the grindstone, as I have had to be, I really just want to jump in my car, blast the radio, (or iPod) and take off for parts unknown. Having time to tool around, have lunch in some historic town where there is plenty to explore - I guess it will have to wait until after the Marathon is done. We are getting ready to unveil our Music Fog Marathon line-up for the four days from Wednesday March 14 to Saturday March 17. Wow, that is just two weeks away. I am especially thankful to know that 200 people helped us make this event a reality through our Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to you all! We can’t wait to bring it!

We Foggers are on a mission to bring you cool music. Someone has to do it, ya know? A year ago during MusicFest at Steamboat Springs, we met the Dirty River Boys from the west Texas town of El Paso. They have had a meteoric year, touring all over the place and adding a fourth player on upright bass – Colton James. Nino Cooper, Marco Gutierrez and Travis Stearns bring the joy here as we saved one of their songs from way back in January of 2011. By the way, they are also doing a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for their next album. They have until April 22 to hit their goal. If you can help, they would totally appreciate it. We know how that goes.

Here is the Music Fog recording of “Carnival Lights” from our Steamboat sessions, a tune you can find on their EP, Long Cold Fall.

-Jessie Scott


Carnival Lights - Long Cold Fall - EP

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