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Ray Wylie Hubbard "Count My Blessings"

The weather is nice with sunshine reigning supreme here in Texas. It looks like the trees are even budding early. I am savoring these temperatures, because I know what comes next, the swelter of triple digits. But I digress. It’s always about today. Savor this moment, yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow will bring what it may. It takes a long time to feel good in one’s skin, to get the outside stimuli to stop bombarding you, to hear the voice deep inside and follow that. It is about getting centered. It is a process, and well worth the journey. I think when you get to that place, it can be very fruitful and creative.

Ray Wylie Hubbard has been in that space for a while. Lately, there have been so many cool things happening with him, like touring with Joe Walsh, and collaborating with Ringo Starr who contributes to Ray’s next album, The Grifter’s Hymnal. George Reiff, Rick Richards, Lucas Hubbard, and Ian McLagan also make contributions. You can catch up with the ever-entertaining Mr. Hubbard here. Of course, we haven’t seen a track listing yet for the new album, but this as yet unreleased tune might just be on it. Ray and Rick Richards were filmed during last year’s Spring Music Fog Marathon at Threadgill’s WHQ, for this, our second recording of "Count My Blessings." Compare with the first one here.

- Jessie Scott

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