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Foster & Lloyd "It's Already Tomorrow"

Today’s the day I head up the hill to MusicFest at Steamboat Springs. Only this year, the weather seems a tad weird. I always relish the twinkling Christmas lights set amidst the majestic pines and the blanket of snow. Talking to Steamboat resident and dear friend Brian Smith at the beginning of the week, he said he was just wearing a sweatshirt, as the temperature was an unusual mid 40s! He also said that there were more people breaking bones this year, as opposed to just bruising when skiing, as the deep snow acts as a buffer. The snow this year is not yet that deep. Here is the 10 day forecast, with plenty of daytime melting going on. That said, this is your friendly yearly reminder that if you are attending MusicFest, you’ll need to pack more than a thermal shirt or a sweatshirt. It is a whole lot colder than it is in Texas, and it will be dropping into the teens at night.

Thinking back a year, it was after a session we did with Radney Foster at MusicFest 2011, that he told us he was in the process of doing a new Foster and Lloyd album, the first in 20 years. He ran back to his room and grabbed a home burned CD and played us some tracks. Wow! I was stoked that we could extend an offer to Foster & Lloyd two months later to play for the Music Fog cameras at Threadgill’s during SXSW. Coming up this year in early March, Radney is getting ready to do a new acoustic recording of his breakthrough solo album, Del Rio Texas 1959. Check out the details here. But let us back track to last March at Threadgill’s, “It’s Already Tomorrow," the title track from the most recent Foster & Lloyd CD.

- Jessie Scott

It's Already Tomorrow - Foster And Lloyd

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