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john Arthur martinez "Before I Could Even Learn Her Name"

I am in Nashville, having a wonderful time driving around this verdant city. I lucked out on the weather this week, as last week there was a heat wave; but a couple of nights ago I needed a long sleeve shirt! It is always interesting to return to a place you know. Nashville is growing, sparkling. Truth be told, I haven't been in the neighborhoods with flood damage, but I must say, places that were blighted or undeveloped when I lived here in the 90's are blossoming today, and it feels great. And you know I love to travel. Later this summer, I get to return to DC, to The Mansion on O, where they have quite the SRO lineup: Freedy Johnston on August 8th, Tom Freund on August 14th, then on August 16th it's Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros and Bill Small. The Mansion, it is a place of awe, art and ideas. So looking forward!

In January, john Arthur martinez showcased at The Mansion with Chris 'Superman' Reeves on guitar, and we were lucky enough to film a private session before the show. john Arthur performed an unreleased song, in fact this is the first ever recording of "Before I Could Even Learn Her Name," set in New Orleans with a touch of French lyrics, and a loving Spanish roll to the guitar. The melting pot at work, and poignant stuff indeed. I need to get back to NOLA, haven't been in a while, but that city, that whole region actually, sure could use an infusion of tourism dollars especially in light of the Gulf disaster. Don't forget, we are America from sea to shining sea. With liberty and justice for all. And a hand UP to those that need it, because after all, we are all in this grand experiment together.

john Arthur will be on the road off and on until the end of the year, so check his website often as new dates are being posted.

- Jessie Scott


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