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The Trishas "Blue"

The Trishas have been together for about as long as Music Fog has existed. Maybe that's why there is electricity in the room every time we get together for a session.

Our time with them in Steamboat, CO for the MusicFest was just hysterical. They came into the condo laughing, and with no plan as to which songs to perform. Once they started to sit down in front of the lights, an impromptu version of Tom Petty's "Breakdown" busted out. But their version was different from Tom's. Their version featured Elmer Fudd on lead vocals. So it was more like "bweak down." But musically it sounded good! I think they could do nothing but covers of Tom Petty songs and do well with it.

Then came the song "Blue."  The average listener, you wouldn't notice, but lyrics were being forgotten in the song. So the version we have features "Blue is the color of the lotion" rather than ocean. Oh it's in the background, and you have to struggle to hear it, but it's there. And when the song was done, they started all over again (informally) with another Elmer Fudd version of "Blue." We all got in on the fun.

Here are "The Twishas" for Music Fog.


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